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Like a fairytale... Upper Swabia´s Castles


10 castles in Upper Swabia and Allgaeu await you!

From mediaeval times to the baroque era

Upper Swabia can provide a suitable castle for just about every fairytale. This diversity evolved from the long history of various territorial domains which abutted in the area between Lake Constance, the Swabian Alb and the Allgäu region. As every ruler notoriously insisted on having his own castle, the holiday region in the southeast of Baden-Württemberg now has a particularly high incidence of castles and palaces.

Ten magnificent destinations from Lake Constance to Danube

Over a period of many centuries the buildings experienced a chequered history and served a multitudes of purposes. Each of the palaces - from Mochental to Tettnang - has distinctive features and its own special charm. Some are located in the centre of a town, others crown a hilltop, looking out over the gently undulating landscape of Upper Swabia and Allgaeu. A Baroque park, well worth a visit in its own right in Salem, or a romantic courtyard where guests can enjoy a concert or a delicious meal in Meersburg New Palace or Tettnang New Palace, are visitor magnets. Some palaces are still owned and inhabited by the aristocracy, like for example Sigmaringen Castle. Others, in contrast, belong to the town and contain museums, galleries and cultural centres. But they all have one thing in common: without exception, these historic locations welcome visitors!

"Sigmaringen Castle is just one example of the rich heritage in Upper Swabia and Allgaeu "


Fairytale Castles Upper Swabia

  • Meersburg New Palace in Upper Swabia
  • Salem Monastery and Palace
  • Sigmaringen Castle
  • Aulendorf Castle
  • Mochental Castle
  • New Palace Kisslegg
  • Messkirch Castle
  • Waldburg Castle
  • Weingarten Castle

A Fairytale Experience

New Life in Old Palaces

In many of the palaces guests are still today received by the aristocracy - by day and by night, with meals in the palace kitchens and wine tastings in the historical cellars: the Countess of Montfort invites visitors to an enjoyable tour of the apartments of the New Palace in Tettnang. In the palace of the Hohenzollern dynasty in Sigmaringen, formerly frequented by the crowned heads of Europe, the chambermaid chats about the exciting goings on in- and outside the 15 stately halls. Following a tour of the monastery and palace of Salem, near Lake Constance, visitors can sample choice wines produced by the Margrave of Baden. And in the vaulted cellars of the well-preserved Waldburg, perched on a hill with a magnificent view over the surrounding countryside, the knights welcome guests to banquet.

In addition to the splendours of bygone days, some palaces also display works of contemporary art. At the palace of Mochental it goes hand in hand with Upper Swabian Baroque to create a fascinating synthesis. The exhibition in Messkirch Palace, on the other hand, spans the art of the Late Middle Ages up to the present day. The smaller Weingarten Palace, also home to the municipal museum, is the venue for a host of cultural events. Art from the Classicism period and a collection of historical toys are shown at Auelndorf Palace, which was constantly expanded by the Counts of Königsegg in accordance with their rise to power. In Kisslegg´s New Palace guests can convene and celebrate like royalty amidst frescos and stuccowork. And the best thing about all of these very different buildings: they´re so close to each other that it´s possible to visit several in a short time - in Upper Swabia and The Württemberg Allgäu, where palaces bound.

Meersburg New Palace

Group tours, also in foreign languages, by arrangement; Special tours as per schedule and by arrangement

Salem Monastrey and Palace

Guided tours in German; English by prior arrangement, palace interior may only be viewed as part of a guided tour

Sigmaringen Castle

Foreign language tours for groups of 20 or more people in the following languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. The castle can only be visited during a tour. The tour lasts approximately 60 minutes. The maximum waiting period until the next tour is 30 minutes. Castle guide brochures in English, French, Italian, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, Dutch and Romanian allow you to follow our German language tours. The brochures are available free of charge.

Tettnang New Palace

Guided tours in German; English tours by prior arrangement, Group tours and costumed tours by arrangement; special tours as per schedule and by arrangement